Waypoint Holdings has a unique approach to building our business based on our leadership’s previous experience in management and finance within a broad range of companies.  Our approach is different, in part, for the following reasons:

  • We see real strength in the integration of various business sectors and believe incremental value can be created when integration is correctly implemented.
  • We are willing to partner with industry participants and corporate management teams to achieve mutual strategic objectives.
  • Waypoint Holdings has a seasoned senior leadership team and broad access to leading industry experts across all facets of the Aerospace industry.
  • We recognize the value of building brands to represent expertise and are committed to developing recognized and consistent branding for all business lines.
  • Waypoint Holdings has ready access to investment capital as well as unparalleled entrĂ©e to sophisticated business support services.

Waypoint Holdings is an aerospace investment and management company founded by aviation professionals.

Waypoint Holdings' interest in particular sectors of the aerospace services industry is fueled in part by our belief...

Waypoint Holdings envisions a much broader business strategy than is planned for Waypoint Aero.