Waypoint Holdings pursues certain investment themes that it believes are indicative of attractive investment candidates. Specifically, we are drawn to opportunities within our sectors where we observe one or more of the following situations:

  • Opportunities to work with company management to provide resources with the potential to change the operating characteristics of the business.
  • Candidate companies with a narrow focus that can benefit from a new perspective on how to approach their business.
  • Successful companies where the owners may be in search of a strategic relationship to provide additional management or outside capital.
  • Historically incumbent companies that can benefit from differentiation to move beyond commodity based price spread economics.
  • Opportunities where the tactical employment of capital or the association with a larger organization can create a strategic outcome that would be difficult to accomplish as a standalone competitor.

Waypoint Holdings is an aerospace investment and management company founded by aviation professionals.

Waypoint Holdings has a unique approach to building its business based on its leadership's previous experience...

Waypoint Holdings' interest in particular sectors of the aerospace services industry is fueled in part by our belief...