Waypoint Aero Holdings is an integrated aviation services company founded by aviation professionals. Waypoint Aero Holdings is building an integrated portfolio of holdings in attractive industry segments of the aerospace services business throughout North America.

Waypoint Aero Holdings was formed by Neo Ventures, LLC and TexMont Investment and Holdings, LLC.

Waypoint Aero Holdings is targeting opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Maintenance – the maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for corporate, general and commercial aviation aircraft.
  • Fueling – Airport facilities that provide fueling, ground and other services for corporate and general aviation.
  • Transportation – Aircraft transportation and logistics services for general and corporate customers.
  • Related Integrated Services – businesses that sell to or service our portfolio businesses or their customers.




Waypoint Holdings has a unique approach to building its business based on its leadership's previous experience

Waypoint Holdings pursues certain investment themes that it believes are indicative of attractive investment ...

Waypoint Holdings envisions a much broader business strategy than is planned for Waypoint Aero.